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Cockpit Voice & Flight Data Recorder

The world’s smallest, lightest, and lowest power cockpit voice and flight data recorder designed for ED-112A Compliance.


Cockpit Voice & Flight Data Recorder

The SENTRY Flight Data Recorder (CVFDR) was designed by combining standard features of existing CVFDRs with a new approach. Using a patent-pending, innovative memory insulation technique, the SENTRY offers a small size, low weight, and less power consumption than traditional CVFDRs in a modular and flexible architecture. This “software free” recorder allows for aircraft specific configurations as well as the addition of creative and useful expansion capabilities.

SENTRY™ CVFDR Capabilities

Industry Leading SWaP

The SENTRY is an industry leader in SWaP optimizations for maximized power budgets.

Multi-Interface Design

Supports Ethernet, ARINC-717 and ARINC-429 (auto detection), RS-422/485, Analog and discrete sensor inputs.

TSO Certified & Environmentally Qualified

TSO and aircraft-specific configurations available. Qualified to DO-160G.

Digital/Analog Inputs with Optional RIPS

The SENTRY offers digital and analog interfaces for seamless integration into all aircraft types with an optional RIPS module.

Modern Design and Architecture

The SENTRY’s FPGA architecture provides a unique software-free environment which reduces NRE costs during configuration.

For all Segments of Aviation

Ideal for all platforms including civil, military, fixed-wing, rotorcraft, and unmanned aviation.

Additional Information

Available in titanium, the SENTRY meets or exceeds all requirements of ED-112A and qualifies for DO-160G environmental and power requirements. The rugged enclosure is ideal for airborne operational environments including unmanned, commercial, military, fixed-wing, and rotary-wing aircraft.

SENTRY includes a range of aircraft interfaces including:

  • ARINC-717 and ARINC-429 (auto detection)
  • Ethernet
  • RS-422/485
  • Analog and discrete sensor inputs
  • Data Link recording
  • Four high or low-fidelity audio channels (configurable)
  • Rotor speed input


Expansion of SENTRY’s capabilities includes the acquisition functions designed for the FDS Modular Acquisition Unit (MAU). This capability converts the SENTRY into a Data Acquisition and Crash Recorder System, and more.


Various hardware and service options available. For accurate pricing, contact a technical sales expert.

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Need more information? Download the product sheet and get in touch with Flight Data Systems’ technical experts to learn more about our data solutions.