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Find Flight Data Systems in Colombia for F-AIR COLOMBIA 2023

Flight Data Systems’ Santiago Echeverri will be in Rionegro at José María Córdova Airport from July 12th to 16th to attend the 11th edition of F-AIR COLOMBIA 

Hosted biennially, Colombia’s Civil Aviation Authority and Air Force collaborate to develop the aeronautical industry event known as F-AIR COLOMBIA. In 2002, the Colombian Air Force successfully coordinated the first F-AIR event at the José María Córdova Airport, beginning the internationally attended aeronautical event that is seen today. Since its inception, the event has become a premiere airshow, fair, and networking event for national and international aviation professionals. From its humble beginnings, this event has grown into a well-attended occasion hosting upwards of 143 companies and over 100 aircraft.  

F-AIR COLOMBIA was conceived to develop and promote aeronautical and aerospace advancements nationally and internationally. It is touted as a space where suppliers and representatives of civil and defense aviation and public and private companies can build bridges and connect. This event will host individuals from civil, commercial, defense, and general aviation, manufacturers, suppliers, aeronautical training centers, and more, making it a leading event in the region. 

Flight Data Systems is excited to be able to attend this event and connect with aviation professionals in the Latin America region. As a company that works with many different industries within the aviation sector, Flight Data Systems is excited to have an opportunity to connect with a variety of companies and brands. Santiago Echeverri, Flight Data Systems’ Commercial Sales Manager, is excited to be attending F-AIR COLOMBIA and can be found on the show floor for the duration of the event.  

Connect with Santiago Echeverri, Flight Data Systems’ Global Readouts Services and South America & Africa Commercial Sales Manager 

Are you interested in attending F-AIR COLOMBIA? Learn more about this premiere Colombian event by visiting, and if you wish to attend this event, please visit to purchase your tickets. If you are attending or planning on attending F-AIR COLOMBIA and wish to connect with Santiago to learn more about Flight Data Systems’ flight data acquisition, recording, downloading, and readout solutions, feel free to request a meeting with him. Please fill out the form below, and Santiago will schedule a meeting with you while he is in Rionegro.  

We look forward to attending this exciting event in Rionegro.  

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