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Join Flight Data Systems in London, England, for the eVTOL Insights Conference from April 18th to 19th

Flight Data Systems is excited to attend the eVTOL Insights Conference to discuss how our solutions can benefit the electric vertical take-off and landing industry.  

Since 2020, eVTOL Insights has been a powerhouse of advocacy for the electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft and urban air mobility community. This news and intelligence group covers many topics within the eVTOL industry, such as new company partnerships, industry certification updates, infrastructure, battery development, and regulation. Headquartered in London, England, eVTOL Insights is not limited to news articles; they create videos, host podcasts, organize conferences, and provide networking opportunities for the eVTOL industry.   

As a company that provides various solutions that impact all segments of aviation, Flight Data Systems is thrilled to attend this event alongside our sister company, FreeFlight Systems, and connect with members of this growing community and industry. We look forward to learning more about the issues those in the eVTOL industry face, updates around regulations and industry certifications, and the considerations required for eVTOL manufacturers and creators.  

In addition to attending the event, Flight Data Systems also looks forward to sharing how flight data recording and our flight data readouts solutions can benefit the eVTOL industry. With various low-size, weight, and power flight recording hardware options, we believe our products have a proven benefit in the UAM and AAM space; and we hope to learn more about how our innovations can add value to this developing space. 

Are you attending the eVTOL Insights Conference?  

Interested in the eVTOL Insights Conference? You can get your tickets for the event by visiting eVTOL Insights’ London Conference 2023 Tickets, Tue 18 Apr 2023 at 19:00 | Eventbrite.   

If you are attending the eVTOL Insights Conference and hoping to connect with our team, please direct your inquiries to, and our sales team can schedule a meeting with you. 

We hope to connect with you in London, England.  

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