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FDS-Aerospace Tech - Munich

Meet up with Flight Data Systems and Aerospace Tech Week

Let’s Talk about MRO Efficiency at Aerospace Tech Week.

Aerospace Tech Week is a highly constructive and dynamic event that unites aerospace professionals from various domains to explore the latest technological advancements and promote the progress of the aerospace industry. With seven conference tracks covering a wide range of topics, including testing software and hardware, Avionics, connectivity, MRO, and Flight Operations, it provides a platform for cross-collaboration and productive discussions. The event aims to foster technology advancements that will drive innovation, enhance safety, and contribute to the industry’s growth.

Scott Warner, Business Development Director for Flight Data Systems, will be at the show. Use the form below to preschedule a meeting with him and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Aerospace Tech Week will be in Munich, Germany, from April 17 to 18. Learn more about the show and conference tracks here and following the show on LinkedIn.

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