DALLAS, TX, April 26, 2022 – Flight Data Systems (FDS), a leading provider of flight data solutions for the rotorcraft, business, military, and commercial aviation segments, today announced the introduction of Flight Data Systems’ SAFR Readout services for cockpit voice and flight data recorders.

SAFR Readout is a state-of-the-art secure Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) data analysis service addressing the requirement for aircraft operators to perform periodic maintenance readouts on flight recorder systems at least once a year.

SAFR Readout analysis services cover FDR data, CVR data, serviceability checks, intelligibility checks, audio analysis, incident reports, and parameter correlation checks for all segments of aviation, including commercial, business, rotary-wing, and military aviation.

“Our SAFR Readout services is a next-generation readout service that builds upon decades of readout analysis expertise. We have accumulated over 400 in-house built databases covering fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, which allow us to provide a rapid turnaround time of 3 days,” mentions Anthony Rios, President of Flight Data Systems. “Committed to supporting aviation safety and efficiency, we offer an expedited turnaround time of 24 hours for AOG scenarios.”

Flight Data Systems’ Readout analysts examine all recorded parameters for their validity and serviceability and create recognized CASA or EASA readout reports that state the condition of the aircraft’s flight recorder system serviceability. By generating all necessary reports and documentation required by aviation authorities, Flight Data Systems’ SAFR Readout services take the guesswork out of this process and help eliminate the operators’ costly in-house troubleshooting process.

The service also provides operators with secure and reliable maintenance records compliant with aviation’s highest standards, including all FAA, EASA, and ICAO mandates for flight data recorders. All readouts are carried under UK CAA and EASA 145 approvals and checked by approved signatories, thus meeting regulatory requirements.

“For the past 20 years, Flight Data Systems has provided critical readout services for operators around the world. In that time, we have grown our presence with operating bases in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Today, Flight Data Systems has relocated our headquarters to Dallas, Texas, providing better support to all customers across the globe,” mentions Anthony Rios. “We are proud to serve operators across the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East with a turnkey flight recorder analysis solution that delivers meaningful and actionable reports.”

To complement our SAFR Readout service, Flight Data Systems offers the industry-leading Handheld Multipurpose Interface (HHMPI) flight data download tool. The HHMPI is a ground support equipment tool that interfaces with a majority of FDRs and CVRs currently in the marketplace. The HHMPI and SAFR Readout services add to the portfolio of end-to-end flight data solutions for acquiring, recording, downloading, and analyzing flight data for key insights that create business impact.

For more information on Flight Data Systems’ products and services, please visit Flight Data Systems during MRO Americas from April 26 to April 28 at Booth 1513, contact sales@flightdata.aero, or visit www.flightdata.aero.

About Flight Data Systems

Flight Data Systems, founded in 1990 and based in Dallas, Texas, helps aircraft operators improve operational efficiencies using their portfolio of data acquisition, data recording, data storage, and data analysis tools. Flight Data Systems is one of the world’s leading providers of end-to-end flight data solutions within the aviation segment.For more information, visit www.flightdata.aero.