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FDS-HAI Member_2023

Flight Data Systems – a Proud Member of the Helicopter Association International (HAI)

Helicopters’ Mission Critical Role in Society

Helicopters’ unique characteristics, such as Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) and the ability to hover for extended periods, are ideal for tasks that were previously not possible with other aircraft or tasks that were time or labor-intensive to accomplish on the ground. For example, helicopters have been instrumental as air ambulances for emergency medical assistance when a ground ambulance cannot easily or quickly reach the scene or transport them to a medical facility in time. Besides this, helicopters are involved in various operations such as offshore energy, aerial firefighting, commercial air transport, private and business aviation, search and rescue, law enforcement, news and media, military uses, and more. Helicopters play a significant role in supporting various missions essential to society.

HAI’s Significant Role in the Growth and Sustainability of the Helicopter Industry

Recognizing the significance of this industry, Helicopter Association International (HAI) promotes safety, community compatibility, professionalism, innovation, and the economic viability of the VTOL industry. HAI has provided support, services, and industry safety guidelines for the international helicopter community for more than 70 years. HAI is a global leader in leveraging, innovating, advocating, and expanding the unique operational capabilities of vertical flight on behalf of its members and for the benefit of society. HAI’s Government Affairs team advocates ensuring legislators understand the implications of proposals that restrict airspace and operations or impose additional regulatory burdens. HAI assists organizations with effective risk management with resources, tools, and programs designed specifically for vertical flight operators, pilots, aviation mechanics/engineers, and safety professionals. HAI also offers several education programs presented by vertical aviation experts. These include weekly webinars, online and in-person courses, regional and specific conferences, and more. To promote engagement within the industry, HAI annually hosts the HAI HELI-EXPO tradeshow to connect industry professionals from across the world.

Flight Data Systems Role in the Helicopter Industry

As an international avionics equipment and services provider focused on providing end-to-end flight data solutions for all rotorcraft platforms, Flight Data Systems annually exhibits at HAI’s Heli-Expo. Flight Data Systems offers a suite of solutions, including ground support equipment for data transmission and flight data readout analysis to ensure the safety of helicopter passengers and crew. For flight data acquisition, Flight Data Systems offers the Modular Acquisition Unit. For flight data recording, Flight Data Systems’ SENTRY Cockpit Voice and Flight Data Recorder (CVFDR) is the industry-leading choice for being the smallest, lightest, and lowest power CVFDR. The Handheld Multipurpose Interface (HHMPI), a flight recorder data download tool, is another of Flight Data Systems’ industry-leading products. Lastly, Flight Data Systems also offers flight data readout services to provide operators with secure and reliable maintenance records compliant with the highest standards in aviation. With this 360-degree flight data solution, Flight Data Systems enables operators to achieve more than compliance while reducing operational costs for helicopter fleets.

By maximizing helicopter operational efficiency and safety, Flight Data Systems significantly contributes to the VTOL industry and aligns with HAI’s mission to promote safety, professionalism, innovation, and the economic viability of the VTOL industry. Flight Data Systems is proud to be a member of the HAI and supports the instrumental use of helicopters in our society.

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